Les is not only a great English teacher, but also a very nice gentleman to meet and get along with. He has a passion for helping people around the world learn english, and is considerate enough to provide different people with personalized and professional lessons.

He is definitely one of the best choices in the world for people who are eager to improve their oral and written English, especially for those who has relatively restricted access to expose themselves in English environments or reached a plateau during the pursuit of a higher language level.

Les实乃良师益友,他热爱英语教育事业,对帮助来自世界各地的人们学习英文充满激情, 并且人很好很体贴,能够针对不同需求的人给出个性化的专业的课程方案。

如果您身处非英文环境中,想要提高自己的英文水平,或者觉得自己到了瓶颈期, 希望有人帮助寻求正确的前进方向, Les应当是您理想的选择.

Happy student now working for tech. co. in California
Ming, now working for a Tech Co., California, USA