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Crypto mining is a process where your computer solves mathematical equations in order for transactions to be processed on the blockchain. A blockchain simply put, is an electronic ledger much like a ledger in a bank used to record transactions over a period of time. The blockchain is a permanent record of transactions on a network.

When a computer solves a transaction it receives an amount of cryptocurrency as a reward for the effort. These transactions build the blockchain, and these transactions can be verified by anyone, using a computer.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency; as example the most famous name that comes to mind would be Bitcoin, which was invented in 2008 to solve many of the world’s financial problems. It is extremely easy to transact with, and one can send any amount, anywhere in the world, in the matter of a few minutes. These transactions must be verified by computers, to ensure they are not duplicated, and to maintain security within the network.

Since 2008 many other types of cryptocurrency have been invented, there are both coins and altcoins. It is extremely easy to transact using cryptocurrency, as one pays only for the transaction, not a percentage on the total amount as with a bank transfer.

Due to this easy economic way of transferring assets anywhere, cryptocurrency no doubt will revolutionize how the world transacts. It is also a great hedge towards many factors. It cannot be controlled by banks or governments, and is available for anyone with a computer or mobile device to transact with. Anywhere with an internet connection.

Earn cryptocurrency with your computer today

During downtime why not mine crypto with your computer?

Easy one click software configures everything, including benchmarking whatever hardware you are using. Mine crypto with your computer, using a GPU (graphics card), CPU, or with ASIC (dedicated crypto) miners. Fully automated mining without losing profitability. Automatic algorithm switching locks in profits. The software will automatically switch coins also as profitability changes. One of many very useful features.

If you have a bunch of idle computers, or just one, have it earn income for you in your off time, or setup a dedicated 24/7 mining operation, using graphic cards and/or ASIC miners.

I also use this software on my machine during down time, and at nights, it has a feature that enables you to select these settings. I can highly recommend using this software, there is no malware, bloatware, it is certified 100% clean. It works on both windows and all versions of Linux.

Extremely easy to setup and understand software includes many useful tools, and is a free download. Mine crypto with your computer and start building wealth today!

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