Learn how to write like a pro!

One of the teaching methods I use with my students, is to send them a video on a subject I think would be interesting to them. This is a great way to teach students to learn how to write like a pro!

Normally, the writing assignment would be on a news event, or if the student is younger a cartoon! I have a list of the best, most educational, and usually humorous cartoons I like to send people. They are great for young and old alike, to watch, be entertained, and to learn with!

Learn to write

Writing a synopsis, is a great way to learn how to write! This is essentially a short summary based on what was watched, without giving away the entire story. Most students enjoy this, and find this a great way to improve their writing skills.

If you wish to view a short video explaining what a synopsis is, please let me know on my contact page, and I’ll be more than happy to send it you.

I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their English skills to join my classes as a student, and to use this particular approach to learning how to write! It makes you think, as you never really know what you will receive, and it makes you want to learn!

Student testimonials

Check out what some of my past and present students say on the testimonials page , then, grab some hours here, and contact me and we can arrange a schedule that suits us both.

I use Wechat (with students in China), or Zoom, to videochat with my students real time, one on one!

Document proofreading and editing service

I can proof a document or website, or whatever you may have, update it and send you the corrected copy. For details please visit my page here . All at the same great rates I offer my students.