Earn crypto with your cellphone

Earn crypto using your mobile device

Earn crypto with your cellphone! Get paid to help build a global location network. Receive free cryptocurrency when you download app. Works on Android or Iphone.

Earn crypto with your cellphone download free app

The Xy. Company, based in San Diego California, will pay you to help them build a global location network. They state that the present day GPS network is too expensive to maintain and is inaccurate. They are building a geospatial location network, and will pay you to provide location data to help build it.

Download free app

You can download a free app and it will credit you with cryptocurrency tokens in return for providing geospatial location data. Simply put, the app uses the bluetooth in your phone to provide location data, and verfies this so it is a valid immutable record, recorded on a blockchain. In return, you get credited for this, payed out in XYO tokens. It’s so easy to earn crypto with your cellphone, and you can set it to automatic so you don’t even need to be using the app to earn.

You can earn in many ways; geomine [this means you are mining a particular spot on a map], watch ads, witness large geomines, receive referral rewards, weekly bonus drops, hodl rewards, background rewards, so you can earn while not even using the app!

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