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Learn English using video chat, Professional TEFL certified native English teacher. First class free.

Educational one on one classes using Wechat, QQ, or Zoom. Professional educator offers informative classes on a wide variety of subjects. Learn American English online by using videos, written text, and by speaking.

I teach real world English you would use day to day. Also learn formal English, typically used in business or in correspondence.

Classes are one on one.

esl.rocks learn american english online using videochat
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I teach All 4 skills…reading, writing, listening, and speaking. As of 2020 I will also teach cryptocurrency, and blockchain to anybody interested! Skills for the 21st century! Learn with someone able to teach a lot more than simply English, receive a total learning experience.

Learn by speaking, viewing and writing about videos, and with written materials all customized to your level. I teach all levels, from beginner to advanced. I also teach business English, and help you prepare for English tests such as IELTS.

Learn idioms, expressions, and slangs. These vary depending on which area, and in which country you may be in at any given time. English is a language which is continuously evolving, you only have to watch movies made in different eras to notice differences. I teach American English because it’s what I know best as a native speaker. American English is also the most widely used form of English worldwide.

Have a look at the testimonials page, where students both past and present have written about their experiences.

The first class is free to try, afterwards take advantage of very good rates, affordable to anybody.

Learning how to communicate by learning American English online can open up your world

esl.rocks learn american english online using videochat
Communication will open up your world!

Get ahead, get a job promotion, a transfer to a foreign land, get an opportunity to attend a school that interests you, and earn more money doing what you want to do. Learning how to communicate properly will open up many doors to you.

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